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Wendy Tate


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Home Spun: Have you ever wanted to make something but don't know where to start? Have you got lots of ideas but don't know what to do with them? Using collage, print making, using recycled materials to print with and from as well as incorporating other materials, we will explore mark making, tracing, and image making over a series of workshops.
You can pick and choose or come to them all. you may decide to work in a concertina book form or simply on separate pieces of paper. Each session will last 3 hours, includes materials.

Print and Mixed Media:This series of workshops will introduce several print processes which will be able to be combined or stand alone. We will also include using collage, dry media, text. You can be as free or prescriptive as you want, experimenting and/or making complete pieces of work.
Print making is forgiving for all levels of artistic ability.
Workshop 1 - mono-printing using masks and stencils
Workshop 2 - dry point/simple collagraph, to work together. including collage and other media
Workshop 3 - using recycled materials to print with as stencils, masks and plates.

DISLOCATIONLoss is something that we all have to deal with at some point in our lives. After the untimely death of her mother, Wendy has turned to her beloved art to try and make sense of the way she feels. Using print making and a series of reference points, Wendy is creating a series of work through which she hopes to capture and identify the way she has been left feeling, which has no words, as yet. The Sunshine Gallery, Scarborough.


My name is Wendy Tate

I have been painting professionally since 2002, and printmaking since 2010. I love image making and often find being limited to one medium difficult. This website serves the purpose of introducing you to my work and also enabling you to contact me, keep up with my antics and perhaps engage with me and my thoughts. 

This is a short video introducing me...

Doorways into my world...

If you are interested in me visiting your society or group, or students, I do workshops, demonstrations and talks about my work and process

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