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Drawn to the elemental song...
The Fragile Enchantment

Let me introduce myself...

I have a MA in Painting and a BA in Fine Art and am very passionate about painting, photography and printmaking. It is the untold story that resides in the view, selecting the visual poem that motivates me and I try and choose the medium that best expresses that at the time.


I live in North Yorkshire and am blessed living in a village surrounded by fields and woodland. The poetry of the landscape sings out loud and clear. Reflections revealing secrets only the inquisitive are fortunate enough to observe. Layers of memories and experiences mingle with smells, sounds and colours.

I take photographs, often of the same view, many times over different times and seasons, eventually settling on an image to pursue into a piece of work in which I hope to imbue with all that struck me in that liminal space found during walking, thinking and praying in the landscape.

Although I do enjoy drawing and painting in the landscape, most of my painting and printmaking occurs in the studio, using sketches and photographs. 


Ways that we can connect:

Painting can be an isolating occupation but there is a real joy to be had in meeting people and sharing your passion, below are a few ways in which this happens. Perhaps you would like me to share my work with you or your group, or exhibit in your space. I'd love to hear from you.


My work falls into several categories, printmaking, painting, landscape, and a more poetical realism. I have exhibited widely both solo and with groups and curated some of my own exhibitions.

A Summers Day. Charcoal on paper. 58 x 40cm

Contact me if my work is of interest to you and you would like something bespoke.

I also teach printmaking with the North Yorks Art School, in Scarborough. 

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